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Customer Feedback - Soccer Professional Yankov Chavdar

Chavdar Yankov

To whom it may concern,

better late than never, I am sending you as promised the pictures from our German course with the professional soccer player from Hannover 96 and one of Bulgaria's National Team players - Chavdar Yankov.

We are very satisfied with the software and Chavdar has already made great progress. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once more for sending us your software.

Thomas Westphal
Teammanager Hannover 96

c't magazin Test confirms the STROKES concept

ct magazin The computer magazine c't tested different language learning software (2002, edition 15).

In all categories STROKES (previous version!) was rated as good to very good.

Since this rating, STROKES has actively continued developing and substantially improving the language software.

The Test Results

Introduction/Support: very good
Multimedia: good
Content: very good
Exercises: good
Learning Motivation: good

media.valley: "STROKES ensures highly successful language study".

media.valley, the magazine for IT, business, media and culture, has tested the complete Russian set from STROKES and has rated the software very positively:

"... STROKES Russian is an exception among learning software, being structured in a clear and understandable way with no overloaded screens. The clear and simple concept of the application combined with professional didactics ensures highly successful language study. Naturalness is a key feature of STROKES programmes."