Arabic 100 for beginners

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ISBN: 978-3-7087-0206-3

      CD-Box Version

The series 100 is a complete language course for beginnners with no previous knowledge of the language. Master the basic of a new language, and continue to develop far into the intermediate level. Command proficiency and have the ability to fully express yourself in any daily situation.

The course is according to EU-Standards for languages: A1, A2 and B2

You get everything you need for your total immersion in the new language.

Complete Arabic Language Course on CD-ROM

Language Software Strokes Easy Learning CD-Rom
  • 100 Dialogues covering everyday situations, travel and profession
  • Pronunciation Trainer
  • Vocabulary Trainer
  • Exercises
  • Complete base Grammar
  • Dictionary
  • Virtual printable Book
  • Course Companion and video animated Help System

Audio-CD with 100 Dialogues

Audio CD with 100 Dialogues
  • With the Audio-CD you can also learn without access to a computer.
  • Each Audio-CD includes all of the 100 Dialogues of the Series 100.

Detailed Manual in colour (60 Pages)

Detailed Manual
  • Detailed explanations of all programme features.
  • Many tips to successful language studying.

 DVD-Boxlanguage Software for Windows

Description - Language Software Strokes Easy Learning

With STROKES Easy Learning, achieving proficiency in a foreign language is made easy.

The STROKES language programmes were developed in a comparative language structure that creates a direct link between your mother tongue and the foreign language.

You can always compare the structure and the grammar of the foreign language with that of your mother tongue, and you will therefore learn to understand more quickly and to think like a native speaker of the foreign language from the very beginning of your study.

You will progress rapidly, which will always motivate you to continue studying.

The STROKES learning concept will enable you to learn a foreign language quickly and easily. Just follow the recommended steps and you will be able to actively speak in a foreign language within your first two days of study.

Compatible with Wondows

Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

  • Windows PC:min 333 MHz
  • Soundcard-Speaker
  • 700 MB availle on hard drive
  • Screenresolution: 1024 x 768